The MANGO FURS – ” Shoes Untied / Be In The Flow “

Posted: December 30, 2021 in MUSIC

Led by frontman, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Higdon, The Mango Furs are a psychedelic band for the modern world, swirling the vintage influences of 1960s garage rock, surf music and other trippy sounds into contemporary recordings.

The Nashville outfit The Mango Furs are on the Ones To Watch 2021 artist as the prog-rockers drop festival-sized anthems one after another. Revolving around 60s and 70s influences, the four-piece were described as ‘Nashville’s Hidden Gems’ for their previous release ‘Shoes Untied’, topping the Greatest Discoveries on various blogging sites. 

They have been delivering effortlessly cool psychedelic goodness with soaring vocal hooks and an all-round uplifting feel, which is just what the music world needs right now.

“Shoes Untied” is a recent release from four-piece psych rock band The Mango Furs. The song has twinges of 60s nostalgia, but remains refreshingly hip. Its echoing chorus and hypnotic guitar solo are sure to satisfy the desires of surf rock fans and psychedelic junkies alike. 

Somewhere in between realms of psychedelia and progressive-rock, The Mango Furs are a transcending quartet who would easily fit a line-up with Tame Impala, Pond and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

On creating the release, Chris Higdon (The Mango Furs’ lead vocalist) told us, “To me, “Shoes Untied” is a lysergic love song and there is something quite beautiful in how the blissful melody and chords are juxtaposed against the longing in the lyrics.

I’ve always loved the romanticism in songs like George Harrison’s version of “If Not For You” and I wanted to touch more on the “fall” of falling in love and the viewpoint from that lens.

Comprised of Chris Higdon (vocals, rhythm guitar, synth), Spencer Moore (Bass, backing vocals), Will Newman (Keys, synth, sax, backing vocals) and Dylan Miller (Drums, percussion), they are destroying genre boundaries as they float between indie, psychedelic rock, jazz and pop.

“Be In The Flow” off The Mango Fur’s album “Inner Migrations

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