The PINK STONES – ” Introducing… The Pink Stones “

Posted: December 26, 2021 in MUSIC
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The Pink Stones deliver a full serving of Peach State picked country-rock from Athens, Georgia with the release of their debut album, Introducing… The Pink Stones, via the New West Records imprint Normaltown Records. Mixing elements of classic cosmic country, raucous rock’n’roll and fresh humour and heartaches, The Pink Stones are authoring a new chapter in the annals of Cosmic American Music.

The journey to the Pink Stones debut album began in 2015, when freshman college-student and then punk rocker Hunter Pinkston bought a special single by one of his favourite bands. “It was the song ‘Brass Buttons,’ Pinkston says. “One side was The Lemonheads and the other was Gram Parsons’ original version. I bought it because I was a Lemonheads fan, but I flipped it over and that was the one of the first times I’d heard Gram Parsons. I was like, ‘Oh shit! I didn’t know I liked country until right now.’”

Inspired by his discovery, Pinkston not only began tracking down and listening to Parsons’ catalogue, but took the well-travel music fan path of seeking out similar artists and influences. It was actually a landscape he’d seen before but paid little attention to.

“When I was a kid my mom liked country music but my dad was totally a rocker,” Pinkston says. “They would constantly be switching the radio. I was definitely with my dad and had discounted country forever. Then it caught up with me and I became pretty much obsessed with it.”

Mixing elements of classic cosmic country, raucous rock’n’roll and fresh humour and heartaches, The Pink Stones are authoring a new chapter in the annals of Cosmic American Music.

It is such an album that immediately entertains with particularly pleasant or even irresistibly delicious sounds. It is also an album that is very well made and that impresses both musically and vocally. The fact that I nevertheless did not promote the album earlier this year has everything to do with the fact that I have already released a lot of albums like Introducing… I have the Pink Stones in the closet.

The Pink Stones are a bunch of young dogs from Athens, Georgia, who recruited Drive-By Truckers’ well-known John Neff for some extra experience. All the young members of the band were born long after the death of country rock legend Gram Parsons, but his musical legacy is in good hands with them.
On Introducing… The Pink Stones is played with a lot of feeling and especially the more subdued songs, with beautiful pedal steel work by John Neff, are beautiful. The Pink Stones do not limit themselves on their debut to the country rock of the 70s, but also drag in some other influences from American roots music from this decade. Influences from the pioneering days of alt-country, which of course also started with country rock from the 70s, have also been given a place in the music of the American band.

Released April 9th, 2021

The Pink Stones:
Hunter Pinkston – Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, percussion
Will Anderson – Piano, organ, vocals
Adam Wayton – Bass guitar
Logan Brammer – Guitar, pull-string guitar, vocals
John Neff – Pedal steel guitar
Jack Colclough – Drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
Henry Barbe – Guitar, percussion, vocals
Winston Barbe – Guitar
Jessica Thompson – Vocals


All songs written by The Pink Stones

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