HALF WAIF – ” Mythopoetics “

Posted: December 19, 2021 in MUSIC
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Half Waif, the project of Nandi Rose, returns with the new album, “Mythopoetics”. It’s a record about processing past traumas in the quest for a new, sun dappled pathway, and the transformation that takes place as we take each tentative step.  Here, Half Waif is shunning the shadowed mass of generational trauma and the patterns passed down to her. Instead, she plants a seed, urging the orange blossom to sprout through the cracks in the concrete. To bring together the world of “Mythopoetics”, Rose once again collaborated with multi-instrumentalist, film composer and producer Zubin Hensler.

On her fifth record as Half Waif, “Mythopoetics”, Nandi Rose performs her artistic hat trick. Not that much time has passed since her 2018 breakthrough, Lavender, and much less time has elapsed since last year’s “The Caretaker”. Nevertheless, she has proven herself a formidable force. Rose is consistently productive, but the quality of her music has never wavered; it has only blossomed. It’s rare for an artist with this much creative output to be this consistently excellent, and the streaming industrial complex has only incentivized quantity over quality. Rose, however, is on a streak, and she continues that thread with Mythopoetics.

She’s once again reunited with her frequent collaborator since Probable Depths, film score composer and producer Zubin Hensler. The duo worked together on Lavender, and the melancholia that permeated that record resurfaces on Mythopoetics, albeit in a different form. Where Lavender felt despondent, especially on tracks such as “Lavender Burning” and “Back in Brooklyn,” Mythopoetics imbues that loneliness with a sense of triumph.

This album finds Rose at her most revelatory with swooning, resplendent compositions like “Midnight Asks” and the stunning closer, “Powder.” 

Half Waif from the album ‘Mythopoetics’, available now

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