HARRISON WHITFORD – ” Afraid of Nothing “

Posted: December 12, 2021 in MUSIC
Harrison Whitford is here to create

One more devastingly beautiful one from LA-based Harrison Whitford. Besides being a guitarist for Phoebe Bridgers, Harrison is also a mighty good songwriter. A few years back he knocked me out with a stunning debut album “Afraid of Everything” and now it was time for a gorgeous follow-up. This one’s a bit more evolved and rich, but thankfully without losing that fragile down-to-earth beauty of the debut.

We’re very excited to finally have Harrison Whitford’s ‘Afraid Of Nothing’ out in the world. The album, a thing of “ethereal, soak into your skin beauty” is a scrapbook of 12 incredible songs full of maturity, poise and richness. “Afraid of Nothing” pushes Harrison and his sound to new limits, creating a body of work that exudes his talent and personality. The reviews are trickling in, and lots of nice things are being said already, including…“Wistful and haunting.. a meditative heart-tugging gem that echoes the likes of Elliott Smith” – God Is In The TV Zine.“Pretty damn special” – Clash Magazine To bring this collection of songs to life, Harrison recruited (to name a few) Marshall Vore, Mason Stoops, Ethan Gruska, Phoebe Bridgers, Johanna Smauels, Eva B Ross and Charlie Hickey.

It’s been a while since we heard from Whitford, the solo artist. His debut album, “Afraid of Everything“, was released in 2018 during a break between appearing on Bridgers’ own 2017 debut, “Stranger in the Alps”, and 2020’s critically-adored “Punisher”. Whitford’s second album, “Afraid of Nothing”, set for release on November 12th. What came first, the clever inverse of that title or a genuine progression of mentality, I ask. He hesitates. “I tend to be one of those people who makes an off the cuff decision and then applies analysis after the fact,” he laughs. “I wrote the song that also has that title and I liked the song a lot so I figured it’d be kind of funny to name the record that. But on some level too, as a human being, I definitely do feel dramatically different from the person I was when I made my first record. My perspectives and sense of responsibility have changed from when I was 18 into my late 20s.”

Afraid Of Nothing” is available to buy digitally now, Screwdriver Records

Released on 2021-11-12

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