WITCH FEVER – ” Bully Boy “

Posted: December 2, 2021 in MUSIC

Witch Fever’s latest music video, ‘Bully Boy’, continues to bring unapologetic chaotic energy. The band pulled inspiration from The Witch Trials but through a paradoxical colourful lens. 

Lead vocalist Amy Walpole shares the following about ‘Bully Boy’: “We wrote ‘Bully Boy’ after we played a gig where the guitarist from one of the support bands shouted at us on stage to take our tops off. For us ‘Bully Boy’ is our combined rage about these experiences funnelled into one track. The alternative music scene is still very much a ‘boys club’ leaving female and non-binary people vulnerable to misogynistic and sexist behaviour, and we are always challenging this. “Bully Boy” is cathartic, and empowering in its anger.”

The video is our collective cathartic response to countless examples of sexist and misogynistic behaviours that female and non-binary people in the entertainment industry fall victim to. Our hope is to challenge these behaviours and empower anyone watching to feel the same cathartic relief we do.

‘Bully Boy’ is the closing track on Witch Fever’s debut EP, “Reincarnated” (out now via digital / out 3rd December on vinyl). Witch Fever will be performing in-store at Rough Trade East on 4th December 

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