WHITE LIES – ”  I Don’t Want To Go To Mars “

Posted: December 2, 2021 in MUSIC


Famed indie band from Ealing, London, release their sixth album, We are delighted to announce we will be releasing our next album ‘As I Try Not To Fall Apart’ on 18th February 2022. It is available to preorder now through our store on limited edition coloured vinyl, standard vinyl, and CD, with discount bundles available, along with some exclusive new merch – link in bio. The first single, of the same name, is out now on all platforms, with a video live on Youtube. We will also be embarking on a huge tour of the UK and Europe from March 2022,

“I Don’t Want To Go To Mars” has all the distorted bombast of White Lies best anthems neatly packed into a short story,” Charles Cave says. “The song follows a character seemingly being herded off Earth to live out a sterile and mundane existence on a newly colonised Mars. Fundamentally the song questions the speed at which we are developing the world(s) we inhabit, and what cost it takes on our wellbeing.”

Accompanied by a new vid put together by the band, they say, “Although the song wasn’t due an official video, we felt the strong imagery of the lyrics really leant itself towards a visual accompaniment. Using old archive footage, an iPhone, and our very own DIY spirit, we have pieced together a visual narrative to run alongside the song. A full force rebuttal of a concept that’s stalked people around the world for generations now; that the grass will be greener on the other side – of the galaxy.”

Release: 18th February 2022

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