INDIGO De SOUZA – ” Any Shape You Take “

Posted: November 6, 2021 in MUSIC

Indigo De Souza reflects on her sophomore album “Any Shape You Take” and the lessons we learn from trusting our intuition.

The North Carolina native spoke about her diverse range of inspirations and how working on her album “Any Shape You Take” made her realise the impact that different energies can have on our growth.

Happy had the chance to gain insight into the experiences that shaped De Souza’s latest album, including living off the land with friends, ending unhealthy relationships, and creating music that is emotionally varied in order to reflect human nature.

“When pain is real, you cannot run,” Indigo De Souza sings on the centerpiece of her blistering sophomore album “Any Shape You Take”. Building on the lo-fi promise of her 2018 debut I Love My Mom, everything about her second album is bigger, brasher, and more impactful. With the help of producer Brad Cook, De Souza made a clanging, clamorous LP that matches the energy of her incredible voice. The songs pulse like open wounds, though ones that are starting to scab over — “Any Shape You Take” has tracks about grief and the pain of self-discovery, but there is also a breezy ode to friendship (“Hold U”) and an almost-happy sounding breakup song (“Pretty Pictures”). De Souza manages to do it all on Any Shape You Take, moulding to fit each sound she takes on with a fearsome determination.

“Any Shape You Take”, I know you said it was sort of a hodgepodge of newer songs like Pretty Pictures and older songs written during the “I Love My Mom” era. The songs never really get old to me. I think maybe it would take a little longer or just maybe it takes a lot of touring and a lot of playing the songs over and over again to be completely tired of them. But right now, when I listen to the album and experience playing the songs, I feel connected to those iterations of myself still, and I just feel kind of tender-hearted towards them because I grew so much out of that period of my life. It’s just really special that I am where I am now, and I wouldn’t be where I am without having gone through all the things that I’ve been through.

So, I feel grateful for my experiences and for the songs I wrote about the experiences that helped me along the way. Yeah, and Pretty Pictures, is the newest one that’s actually very recent. It was kind of an add-on to that album and that one, you can kind of tell that the writing is a little different, but I love the way it complements the other songs.

Any Shape You Take” out on Saddle Creek

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