HORSEGIRL – ” Ballroom Dance Scene b/w Sea Life Sandwich Boy “

Posted: November 6, 2021 in MUSIC
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When Penelope Lowenstein, Nora Cheng, and Gigi Reece formed Horsegirl, they were high schoolers who were feverishly getting into different corners of music history and sharing it with one another. That was barely two years ago, and the trio has spent 2021 blowing up. On the strength of a single three-song EP — and “Ballroom Dance Scene” in particular, which ended up in constant rotation on Sirius XMU — the group generated a ton of buzz and earned themselves a Matador deal. So far, Horsegirl favour a dreamy but scrappy and occasionally hypnotic sound, honouring a long lineage of indie rock but carrying it forward into a new generation. 

“Ballroom Dance Scene” enter’s with just a gentle flicker of guitar, before further elements seem to almost waft into earshot, lush multi-part harmonies, then an almost military-style drumbeat, and a wavering synth-line. It is a track that just builds and builds, until it’s suddenly deafening, a wall of fizzing, energetic noise, the words, a tumble of characters and narratives.

If Horsegirl sound this good after only a year together, then I can only imagine how exciting their future could be; currently making a splash on the ever-wonderful Chicago-scene. 

Ballroom Dance Scene b/w Sea Life Sandwich Boy is out April 2nd via Sonic Cathedral Records

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