LUNAR VACATION – ” Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp “

Posted: October 31, 2021 in MUSIC
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The full-length (and Keeled Scales) debut of Atlanta’s Lunar Vacation, “Inside Every Fig Is a Dead Wasp” arrives less than a week after the band’s hometown Shaky Knees set—one of the festival’s best, if you ask us. Co-founding song writers, vocalists and guitarists Grace Repasky and Maggie Geeslin lead the four-piece, who teamed with Grouplove’s Daniel Gleason to record their first album.

The result melds the timelessly bright and precise melodies of Alvvays with breezy psychedelia and intimate, singer/songwriter-style introspection—elements that combine to irresistible effect on tracks like lead single “Shrug.” Listening to this record feels like reuniting with an old friend, entering a space where your triumphs are celebrated and your troubles are gently lifted off your chest. 

Like their EP’s, this full album contains awesome songs that take me to a relaxing “island on the moon”. Grace is a true artist, and the music with Maggie and the other bandmates is the best in the Atlanta/ Athens, GA scene. 

released October 29, 2021

Grace Repasky
Maggie Geeslin
Matteo DeLurgio
Connor Dowd
Ben Wulkan

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