THYLA – ” 3 “

Posted: October 17, 2021 in MUSIC
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Brighton band Thyla release their self-titled debut LP on January 28th 2022 via Easy Life Records, and the latest single is “3,” which the band says is “about ego, pride and suffering and the folly of living in the past. It’s also about bouncing back from past traumas and coming to learn that suffering makes you who you are. It’s about not needing validation from anyone other than yourself. Whatever you decide to do in life has to be for you, not because you should but because you could!”.

This one is for any of you struggling to fight off your demons. Imagine you had three skeletons locked in the proverbial closet each one representing a toxic behaviour or mindset, imagine opening the closet and confronting them. ‘3’ is about Denial, Shame, and Resentment – harbour any of these in tandem and you have a recipe for sheer pain. Let it go, life is happening for you not to you. However bad your hand of cards seems, know that it’s uniquely yours and a hand can always be played! I love you, I believe in you, only you have the power to change. I’m hoping this song is like a set of keys to that closet of yours, fucking open it, things couldn’t possibly get worse so what have you got to lose. Millie x

Thyla · Millie Duthie · Danny Southwell · Dan Hole · Mitch Duce

Easy Life Records Released on: 2021-10-15

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