The HORRORS – ” Against The Blade ” EP

Posted: October 17, 2021 in MUSIC
The Horrors Instagram

The Horrors are back, right in time for the apocalypse – if you are receiving this you may already be aware of our upcoming November shows. We have put together three special line-ups with some of our favourite new bands, bringing Giant Swan Scalping – Mandy, Indiana PC World – and Proteus to Bristol, Manchester and London..

Following the release of their gnarly EP ‘Lout’ earlier this year, The Horrors have announced that new EP ‘Against The Blade’ will be landing on 5th November.

“The ‘Against the Blade’ EP is a further descent into chaos” says singer Faris Badwan, “it’s about the freedom that comes with abandoning all hope, giving up control, and accepting that you will always be at odds with the world around you.” There’s something about our recent writing that has felt really free and liberated, like being let off a leash – slightly ironic given the fact that lockdown forced us into certain ways of working. This almost feels like a new band now – a new beginning right in time for the apocalypse.”

Sharing the title track today, The Horrors have dabbled in all sorts of different styles over the last 15 years but seem to be circling back around to where they started — crazed, manic, noise rock — with their upcoming “Against the Blade” EP. You can check out the title track and its freaky video, and the EP’s out in November.

‘Against The Blade’ EP Tracklisting:
1. Against The Blade
2. Twisted Skin
3. I Took A Deep Breath And I Kept My Mouth Shut

‘Against The Blade’ EP • Out November 5th

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