Posted: October 5, 2021 in MUSIC
Where most Tonstartssbandht albums come together slowly over years, recorded on the fly whenever the Whites have a few spare moments on the road, “Petunia” was largely written and recorded in their home city of Orlando in 2020. Many of the tracks had been played live, but in extremely rough form (“skeletons of songs,” as Andy puts it), and hadn’t yet developed into any kind of mature stage. With plenty of time on their hands thanks to the lockdown, and no shows to play, Andy and Edwin decided to pack some flesh onto those skeletons and bring them to life on their own. Petunia is the first Tonstartssbandht album to be created in a sustained manner and in a consistent environment, written and recorded in a single place over a focused period of time.

Tonstartssbandht – are the brother duo of Edwin and Andy White – have returned today to share new single “Pass Away”. The album opener expands upwards on the back of Edwin’s maracas and tapped percussion, as the brothers’ falsetto-feathered singing blends seamlessly together. The self-directed video, edited by Adrian Randall, is a live studio performance of “Pass Away.” The second single from the band’s forthcoming record Petunia, out October 22nd.

Tonstartssbandht sounds like it’s discovering folk music beamed in from another galaxy — and ready to follow wherever it leads.” –
NPR Music “The brother duo of Edwin and Andy White has traversed genres with rugged, psychedelic style and impressive consistency.” – The FADER

“Petunia” is their first since 2017, and it feels like a potential breakthrough, with the excellent new single ‘What Has Happened’ sounding like a jammier Radiohead.” –

Tonstartssbandht – “Pass Away” (Official Video) – from the upcoming album “Petunia” out October 22nd, on Mexican Summer.

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