CHARLES MOOTHART – ” Losing Ground “

Posted: October 5, 2021 in MUSIC
Charles self portrait

A new album EP from our upcoming Charles Moothart (Ty Segall Freedom Band, Fuzz, CFM, GØGGS) The EP is out today! Head over to the bandcamp to listen to “Losing Ground”, the excellent new single that finds Charles experimenting with electronic instruments and delving into Numan-esk territory.

Charles Moothart on “Losing Ground:”
Losing Ground is the mutated bridge that connects Soft Crime and Blood Machine. It is the piece that fastens the three songs together and outlines them as new visions. Originally, I thought of the riff for Losing Ground as a bridge in the song structure sense, but when I took a step back I realized it had the potential to be a structure of its own. It is one of the more vulnerable tracks I have made with the vocals pretty far out front. I wanted it to feel hopefully battered. Looking up from the floor with feelings of intention and understanding.”

Pre-order start shipping this week and we’re nearly sold out of the limited starburst vinyl, if you haven’t gotten your copy yet then don’t wait another second!


“This EP was a personal feat in light of the existential malaise we have been wading through. The songs are surreal and honest. My take on current reality inevitably takes a bit of a nose dive in to spiraling repetition. This isn’t new to me as I am by nature an over thinker. I would take the instrumentals on hikes to sort out the lyrics. A blend of physical and mental exhaustion ultimately let me lower the guard. I found the concept of Soft Crime could be the slight of hand that takes place in front of our eyes … or the small things we let ourselves get away with; either way Soft Crime goes down every day. The Blood Machine turns, and we sacrifice ground to take steps. It’s important to remember that by the burning light of the dumpster fire, we can still find the true beauty of our neighbours. We’re in it together until the very end. Whether that is tomorrow or was yesterday.”
Charles Moothart

Releases October 15th, 2021

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