BEDOUINE – ” It Was’nt Me “

Posted: October 4, 2021 in MUSIC
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Waysides” is not the typical album, but rather a hodgepodge of tracks cut from Bedouine’s previous records, threads of older material, scraps of the sounds and moments of her past. The album encapsulates the artist’s coming of age, grappling with emotions and experiences that come with gaining wisdom. Waysides is the kind of album that would back delicate daydreaming or frolicking through a field, as much as it would work for deep contemplation and nostalgia. Azniv Korkejian has a way of wrapping up rather heavy-hearted lyrics in a charming manner, so much so that the emotion at hand must often be extracted. Sometimes the emotional weight of the song is completely different from how the song sounds, as if one track can become two simultaneously. To use a phrase Korkejian herself sings in “You Never Leave Me,” her music is both “sweet and tough.” 

Bedouine loves covers. In the past couple years, LA-based singer-songwriter Azniv Korkejian has recorded tunes by Margo Guryan, Ron Sexsmith, Big Star, and Bill Withers plus the folk traditional “All My Trials.” And now she has put her own spin on Shaggy’s immortal 2001 chart-topper “It Wasn’t Me.” But Bedouine’s “It Wasn’t Me” is an original the latest single from her upcoming album “Waysides” following last month’s “The Wave.” Here’s a statement from Korkejian about the track: This song represents a special stage to me. I was just starting my habit of bedroom demoing. Locking myself in for hours at a time to put away a feeling was the most rewarding thing. If I felt that I captured what I was feeling, I’d send it to whomever it was about, like an elaborate letter. It was thrilling. That was 15 yrs ago and not much has changed. The song itself is about spending an evening with someone, thinking it was this incredibly romantic time, only to find out I was alone in that feeling. It’s a reflection of that bewilderment and the denial that can follow. It feels good to share after so long. It makes me nostalgic for bygone days, which is one of the threads that runs through Waysides.

The 2nd single from upcoming album, “Waysides” is out via The Orchard. 

Releases October 22nd, 2021

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