LILY KONIGSBERG – ” Sweat Forever “

Posted: September 19, 2021 in MUSIC
Petals Falling Photo

Lily Konigsberg premieres the second single, “Sweat Forever,” from her forthcoming LP Lily We Need to Talk Now . Recorded (like the rest of the album) with producer Nate Amos, whose project Water From Your Eyes recently released their critically-acclaimed LP Structure, “Sweat Forever” departs from the album’s guitar-based first single, instead showcasing Konigsberg in a more electronic environment in something closer to her pure pop mode, bringing her unique perspective and melodic sensibility to a song about a moment of transition.

“‘Sweat Forever’ was the first song successfully recorded for the album,” Konigsberg explains. “It’s mostly about the bad part of going through a huge change in your life and the confusion surrounding that. But now I’m in the good part, so there’s something to celebrate. Sweat on brother!”

Lily We Need To Talk Now is a record Konigsberg – a Pitchfork Rising alum, Fader Gen F artist, and member of the beloved art rock band Palberta – has been slowly chipping away at since 2016, revising and re-recording the songs over the years (by her estimation, there have been 12 different versions). The eleven-track collection is her first proper full-length, following her anthology of EPs and unreleased tracks, The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now, released earlier this year. Catchy the whole way through, like much of the poppy and plainspoken indie rock output that’s made her a fixture of the NYC underground in recent years, “Lily We Need To Talk Now” is a record about processing the aftermath of a loss. In her own words, it’s about “overcoming heartbreak in all those different phases,” or, in even more universal terms than that, “it’s the stages of grief.” And part of going through those stages, as is evident on witty bangers like “Sweat Forever”, is getting ready for the the funny and exciting things that come next.

Lily We Need to Talk Now”  will be released on October 29th.

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