CHURCH GIRLS – ” Basement “

Posted: September 19, 2021 in MUSIC

At the beginning of 2020, Church Girls signed to Anchor Eighty Four Records, a Los Angeles based label that had just celebrated a decade in business and carried weighty alumni like The Story So Far and Grayscale. From across the country, out of Philly, came Mariel Beaumont (vox/guitar), Mitchell Layton (guitar/vox), Vince Vullo (bass/vox), and Julien Varnier (drums/vox) with their sophomore LP, The Haunt, that grounded the band in a gritty, chest-pounding sound.

Now, a little over a year later, they’ve continued to grow with A84’s roster of similarly anthemic acts, and while remaining on the label are also announcing their signing to Big Scary Monsters (American Football/Proper./Illuminati Hotties) for UK . With labels like these, who needs enemies?

The saying goes that home is where the heart is, but sometimes there’s a shift in location. From an environment that traps you, even when surrounded by people you love, to a lengthy stretch of I-85 where you finally recognize the power you have to establish your own freedom, Church Girls is a band that finds comfort in change. Based in Philly, the band’s latest single “Basement” finds revelation in escape while channelling the spoken-word delivery of The Hold Steady and the sheer force of Mannequin Pussy.

Vocalist Mariel Beaumont (she/her) explains. “It’s about realizing home was no longer what we thought it was when a family member’s battle with alcoholism came to a head. The song is still hopeful in a way since we knew we’d always have a home in each other.

Mariel Beaumont: vocals, guitars, trumpet, piano, op-1
Mitchell Layton: guitars, vocals
Julien Varnier: drums, vocals
Vince Vullo: bass, vocals

“Basement” written by Mariel Beaumont and Mitchell Layton.

The new album from Church Girls ‘Still Blooms’ is out 10/8/21 The song is out now via Anchor Eighty Four Records (world wide) and Big Scary Monsters (EU/UK).

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