JULIA SHAPIRO – ” Come With Me “

Posted: August 13, 2021 in MUSIC
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Julia Shapiro (Chastity Belt, Childbirth, Who Is She?) is back with her second solo album, “Zorked”, the follow-up to 2019’s superb “Perfect Vision”. Set for an October 15th release on Suicide Squeeze Records, the 10-track LP features co-production from Melina Duterte (Jay Som), who helped Shapiro record at home during lockdown in Los Angeles, and pushed her to explore a sound distinct from both her solo debut and her work with Chastity Belt.

Lead single “Come With Me,” out now alongside a psychedelic, live-action/animation-hybrid music video (dir. Ertugrul Yaka), is our first preview of that new sound: dreamy, but dark—nightmarey, more like—with droning synths that jab your nerves, hazy and hallucinatory lyrics, and layered Shapiro vocals that evoke MGMT. It’s a sound cleverly calibrated for these times, in which we’re all “zorked” in one way or another, whether by virtue of chemical intervention, or our mental circuits simply overloading.

Julia Shapiro “Zorked” out October 15, 2021, on Suicide Squeeze Records.

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