TELETHON – ” Positively Clark Street “

Posted: August 2, 2021 in MUSIC
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Finally we are able to tell you that our fifth album is called ‘Swim Out Past the Breakers’ and it is coming out on August 20th. We are releasing not one but Two new songs from it “Checker Drive” & “Positively Clark Street”. The first of two singles is “Checker Drive” which is a song about impulsively moving out to the ‘burbs and all it entailed! It’s also about obsessing over ideas for your future and the brute force, breakneck manner in which we make those ideas reality!

As for “Positively Clark Street,” the band says it’s “a jammo about what a drag living in Chicago can be but also about how that’s rly all a matter of interpretation. It’s got Franz Nicolay on harmonica, Gary Louris singing a chorus and a lot of horns.”

The album features “Selfstarter A.E.,” as well as the two above singles they just put out,

Telethon’s upcoming album is “Swim Out Past The Breakers”, but you don’t need to know that to know they like Everclear. Their new single “Positively Clark Street” channels that same kinda-country, kinda-punk version of alternative rock that Everclear crafted on their classic ’90s albums. And Telethon do it in a way that owes just as much to ’90s alt-rock as it does to Jeff Rosenstock-y indie punk. It’s a song that sounds so classic that you almost can’t believe it hasn’t been written already, and the icing on the cake is the coda with a triumphant horn section that reminds you of this band’s Style.

Telethon – “Positively Clark Street” (Featuring guest vocals from Gary Louris) From their album “Swim Out Past The Breakers” Out August 20th via Take This To Heart Records

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