SAMIA – ” Scout ” EP

Posted: July 24, 2021 in MUSIC

Every now and then, when you look around, you’ll see these moments: friends at a cafe table, or in a park, or just walking down the street. It’ll arise from a lull in a conversation, or even be prompted by something they say, but they’ll look at each other and realize just how lucky they are. Maybe they’ll just acknowledge it with a knowing look, or a wink, a ruffle of the other’s hair or a side hug. But they know right then just how very precious our love is, whether platonic or romantic. We won’t take this for granted, not for a long time, their eyes say.

Samia’s 2020 debut album, The Baby, was a testament to her impressive vocal might, irresistible tunefulness and vulnerable lyricism, both clever and illuminating in equal measure. Drawing widespread acclaim from Pitchfork, Stereogum, NPR, NME, The Sunday Times, and others, the LP more than delivered following the promise of early singles like 2018’s “Django” and 2019’s “Ode to Artifice.” 

Samia spent much of 2020 in self-reflection, and she also made various life changes that left her feeling more earnest and centered. During this time, she wrote a handful of songs that make up “Scout” EP.

While The Baby leaned more on self-deprecating humour, Scout was born out of a need to “honour feeling secure in what [she] had to say.” The EP is packed with reverence for life’s ups and downs, but more than anything, it’s an ode to loved ones. The compassionate glow of this EP partially stems from her new Nashville surroundings, as well as her recent experiences “feeling genuinely loved, making new friends, and holding onto old friendships.” It’s reminiscent of that reassuring exhale in the mirror after an imperfect yet fulfilling day. As Samia puts it, Scout is “The Baby’s slightly older sister letting her know that everything is gonna be alright.”

The EP title is a nickname of Samia’s, and it’s a fitting nod to the record’s benevolence. “My partner calls me Scout,” she explains. “It’s just a word that implies bravery to me. I always picture a little girl with a sash and badges basking in her autonomy selling Samoas.” Whether you’re a girl scout trying to gain confidence or an adult who needs reminders of our inability to make everyone happy or the untold power of being there for someone, this EP is an unashamed loving nudge.

This past year has taught us this lesson in the most cruel ways, and now we cling to what’s left with all our might. Samia’s new EP captures this feeling—overwhelming in its beauty and sadness—with the same clarity and fervour that made her debut record “The Baby” so stirring. Scout isn’t a pandemic piece, per se, but it’s the type of art that comes out of a year pondering one’s life, which is just what Samia did. The songs focus on the act of cherishing, but deserve to be cherished in their own right.

Released July 23rd, 2021

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