FRANCIS of DELIRIUM – ” Wading “

Posted: July 24, 2021 in MUSIC

Luxembourg-based duo Francis Of Delirium have been making waves with their innovative take on sound that infuses the soothing rivers of folk with stormy indie rock, creating melodic visions of untamed oceans. EP ‘Wading’ sees them take their introspective genius to the next level.

Francis Of Delirium EP “Wading” consists of three previously released singles and one new track in “I Think I’m Losing.” Taken as a whole, the collection of releases by Vancouver teen Jana Bahrich and Seattle drummer/producer Chris Hewett brings as much heart as it does edge. Bahrich’s range of vocal stylings are on full display, from more mild-mannered indie melodies to half-spoken poetic verses and powerful, emo-infused belts. Paired with grungy, fuzzy guitar, drums and choral harmonies, the duo pack a serious punch. The EP’s new song “I Think I’m Losing” is a stunning, dynamic ballad that pulls all these elements together and finishes “Wading” with a bang.

Tackling themes of love, grief and acceptance, ‘Wading’ is brimming with urgency. Each track is coloured in a different shade of vulnerability, giving the EP not only a unique lyrical palette, but a very intimate dynamic. “Now we’re stuck in this motion, sifting through the floating garbage, and we’re lost,” Jana observes on opening track ‘Lakes’, and gives a first glimpse into the overall tone of the record: A little hazy, a little harrowing, but poetic beyond compare.

Our EP “Wading” is out right now

released April 9th, 2021

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