W.H LUNG – ” Showstopper “

Posted: July 20, 2021 in MUSIC

By naming a song “Showstopper” you’re immediately setting yourself a pretty high bar and it’s not exactly the easiest branding to live up to. Fortunately, this is W.H Lung we’re talking about here – so settle in and enjoy the pièce de résistance.

It’s a dreamy take from the quintet who previously have made spaced out sounds so well that it’s a surprise they weren’t tapped up for the new Space Jam film. The pulse behind this one keeps you on the right path as various vocal entries and guitars try to capture your attention as they flicker away, racing from side to side and throwing your head around the room. It’s genuinely beautiful in its creation and will hit all those right notes to release the sweetest endorphins your brain has to offer.

So settle in one last time and get this down you, it’ll be good for you. Congratulations to the band on managing to make sure they lived up to that ambitious name. What a way to end the show.

They’re named after a Chinese supermarket in their native Manchester W.H Lung are releasing their sophomore album “Vanities” in September. The Dancey lead single “Pearl In the Palm” got us to be plenty excited for the LP. And now they’re back with another track, the new wave banger “Showstopper.”

“‘Showstopper’ is about The Fear. It’s the day after the night before when you’ve let it all go or let yourself go large or let yourself get vulnerable, thinking ah no what happened last night? what did I say?” W.H. Lung say. “And yet the song does contain testimony of the beauty and transformation that can be found in a very good night out. softlizard’s verse is saying, alright stop thinking so much, get up and dance.”

Showstopper” (ft. softlizard), from upcoming album “Vanities“, out September 3rd on Melodic Records.

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