ALEXALONE – ” Eavesdropper “

Posted: July 20, 2021 in MUSIC
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“Eavesdropper” the new single from Alexalone (fronted by Alex Peterson, live member of Hovvdy and Lomelda), blew the brain worms out of my head. 

Alexalone, the gloomy Austin rock band fronted by Alex Peterson, announced their debut album, “ALEXALONEWORLD”, last month with lead single “Ruins”. Today, they’re back with a new one called “Eavesdropper,” an immersive extended jam that the band recorded while making their debut album. It’s filled with muddy guitars and some well-placed histrionics and a whole lot of billowing atmosphere. “This song is a cover of my old band, and it’s so fun to see it reinterpreted through this group of people,” Peterson explained in a statement, continuing:

Since we didn’t know if we’d be able to play shows when the album came out, it seemed like a fun idea to do a live version of ‘Eavesdropper’ so folks could see what our band sounds like live. Working with Brittany Reeber (the director) and crew was a dream, and Lazy Bones Audio in Silsbee, TX was the most comfortable / best sounding place to go which made things very easy for us. It was great to get out of town after a year in one place.

Alexalone: Alex Peterson: Guitar Andrew Hulett: Guitar / Tape Player Sam Jordan: Drums Mari Rubio: Synth Hannah Read: Bass

“Eavesdropper” is taken from alexalone​’s debut full-length, ALEXALONEWORLD, out August 13th, 2021.

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