OLIVIA KAPLAN – ” Tonight Turns to Nothing “

Posted: July 19, 2021 in MUSIC
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Olivia Kaplan is a songwriter from Los Angeles.

We are both reliable and unreliable narrators in our own lives, which means our perspective is really just that. But the multiplicity of thoughts in our heads is why every interaction with someone is so interesting, each one underpinned by our sense of self and a whirlwind of unspoken dynamics and narratives. Olivia Kaplan’s debut LP, “Tonight Turns to Nothing“, examines her relationships with others and herself, and it demonstrates the complexities of each one with care and detail.

Her contemplative folk-pop also captures the tension of the present day at large, which can overwhelm without warning and forces everyone to be at their best or crumble. The awe-inspiring vocal take off at the end of “Ghosts” is worth a listen of the album alone, harnessing a tidal wave of emotion that cuts deep.

“Spill” is another tear-jerker, as Kaplan uses the sea as a symbol of blissful freedom and writes about the urges that prevent us from reaching that state of peace. “Quote me pages from the book / You say defines you but I can tell by the look / On your face you’re still waiting to be saved / I might be good at that, but I’m really trying to change,” she sings. Kaplan’s self-compassion and forgiveness are made even more affecting by her vocals, which flow with serenity and poise. Tonight Turns to Nothing not only captures the candid warmth and timelessness of the singer/songwriter genre, but it also embodies the hopes and fears that are rattling around our brains in 2021.

“Ghosts” is taken from Olivia Kaplan’s debut album ‘Tonight Turns to Nothing,’ out June 25th, 2021 on Topshelf Records

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