CAROLINE – ” Skydiving Onto The Library Roof “

Posted: July 19, 2021 in MUSIC
May be an image of 8 people, people standing and outdoors

Whenever a band has more than six members, I assume there are either a brass section of musicians, or someone must be in the corner playing some sort of weird instrument. The band Caroline has eight members, who play an array of brass, strings, guitars and percussion, so sadly, no one’s blowing into glass jars or preparing a charcuterie board in the background. The London based post-rockers have been quiet since they released their debut single “Dark blue” in early 2020 via Rough Trade, but they returned last month with “Skydiving onto the library roof” (which was accompanied by b-side “Everything for everyone”). Equal parts dignified and askew, the single has a pretty impressive arc. Its repetitive string swells and experimental clamour are fascinating and pretty, until they transform into something much more affecting. The rapture gradually becomes a tide of overwhelming beauty, as if you’re being slowly overcome by a powerful movie scene, one that’s not overtly sad but leaves your cheeks streaked with tears anyway. Maybe it’s so potent because it sounds like the nebulous feeling of contentment with simple pleasures in the face of gloom, or maybe it’s their inspired musicianship.

Caroline signed to Rough Trade Records in 2020. New song “Skydiving onto the Library Roof” reminds me of the esoteric end of the indie rock boom, think artists like Beirut and Jens Lekman, who filled their music with string instruments and allusions to books I haven’t read. This sprawling 8-minute song is similarly heady, but something about it pulls you in closer with each repeat listen.

“Skydiving onto the library roof” on 12″

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