SKELETAL FAMILY – ” Singles Plus 1983-1985 “

Posted: July 18, 2021 in MUSIC

I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the next release…Skeletal Family “Singles Plus 1983-1985” 2XLP out now! If you’re unfamiliar, Skeletal Family are a killer goth/deathrock band who have many great songs that have become staples of goth nights everywhere. This compilation has never had a vinyl release until now. We released it for RSD Drop 2 so grab from your local indie shop. The Graveface Record Club variant might be my fav thing ever. 

I love the Skeletal family in a way I can’t explain. It’s not as if they’re that good, but in other ways they are brilliant. Anne-Marie, Stan and Trotwood (plus various drummers, ending with Martin I think) had it all yet never quite got there. These songs take you back to those carefree early 80’s days when “goth” was the coming thing. But they were better than that. There’s a naked beauty in “Trees” that marks them out as different, and She Cries Alone is a masterpiece. It could only happen in Keighley, and they came so close but not close enough. Anne Marie went on to Ghost Dance,

Graveface Records is a small independent label with a focus on all things hand-made, hand-assembled & unique.

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