WOMB – ” Holding a Flame “

Posted: June 18, 2021 in MUSIC

Womb are a trio from Pōneke (Wellington), consisting of Gemini twins Charlotte Forrester (they/them; vocals & guitar) and Haz Forrester (he/him; synth), and their Leo sister Georgette Brown (she/they; drums). Moving between spaces from shoegaze to dream pop, Womb’s ethereal, genre-transcending sound is a vortex of divergent influences enchanted by a supernatural sibling synergy — felt in the screams of melancholia, swells of tenderly caressed guitar, delay-drenched synthscapes, and off-kilter percussion.

“Holding a Flame” is a collection of songs written by the Pōneke-based trio over the last couple of years. Originally anticipated to be a part of an album, the songs felt complete when placed together, as something of their own. “We recorded them on and off, while collectively listening to a whole lot of Cocteau Twins (as always), Blood Orange, and The Cure. As with most of our songs, these were written as a form of transmutation; turning discordant feelings into a unified sound as a means of getting through/past various states of being.”

Holding a Flame was recorded and produced by both the band and BevanSmith, with Smith also taking on the mixing and mastering duties. The beautiful artwork and design is courtesy of the band’s synth whiz HazForrester.

Releases June 23rd, 2021

Written & performed by Womb

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