Will Stratton – The Changing Wilderness

Posted: June 18, 2021 in MUSIC
Will Stratton

An understated, overlooked delight, Will Stratton’s sixth album is beautifully written, beautifully played, and beautifully arranged, its gorgeous, cosseting sound – deft fingerpicked guitar bearing the influence of Nick Drake – masking a series of deeply uneasy songs in which even the most personal moments feel tainted by paranoia brought on by global events. Bella Union are thrilled to announce the return of Will Stratton whose new album The Changing Wilderness will be released 7th May and is available to pre-order here. Stratton has shared the first track titled “Tokens” along with an animated lyric video.

Of the track Stratton says: “Tokens is a song addressed to the fraternal twins, the most frequent subjects of songs since songs were created: time and love. The afternoon that I was writing it, the weird weather we were having that summer was on my mind. I was thinking about how my perception of time is so tied to my perception of the changing seasons, and consequently, how my perception of time hasn’t been quite as sharp as it once was. I was also thinking about the ending of one of my favourite movies, the 2014 Paul Thomas Anderson film Inherent Vice.

The way time shimmers and shifts in that movie is fascinating to me, verging on hypnotic, and I was trying to evoke a little of that feeling in this song.”Tokens’ is taken from the album ‘The Changing Wilderness’ by Will Stratton, released by Bella Union in 2021

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