W.H LUNG – ” Vanities “

Posted: June 13, 2021 in MUSIC

Where W.H. Lung’s 2019 debut Incidental Music found the band blending post-punk and krautrock guitars with synth-pop propulsion, “Pearl in the Palm” shifts the scales towards the latter end of the rock show vs. dance floor spectrum. Synth sounds evoking both Blade Runner and Giorgio Moroder swirl around uptempo drums and Evans’ reedy vocals, with funky guitar accents, group vocals and a sprawl that never slows evoking the best of dance-punk greats like LCD Soundsystem. “The song is exploring relationships, the stakes of relationships, and how that defines the individual,” says Evans of the song and its video—which he co-directed alongside Gracie Collier, shooting in January in the Irish midlands—in a statement. “You can find yourself in a balloon, if you’re willing to let that happen. Just like you can find yourself in another person. And you’ve got to go away to come back.

Vanities is the band’s sophomore album, the follow-up to 2019’s Incidental Music. W.H. Lung’s main songwriters are Tom Sharkett and Joe Evans.

In a press release, Sharkett says that their hometown is integral to their sound. “Manchester is a very important part of this record,” he says. “The White Hotel, nights like Wet Play, seeing Gerd Janson DJ at the End of Year Riot (Electric Chair) and then discovering all the amazing stuff on his label Running Back. Then when we moved to Todmorden it was the same. Seeing Andrew Weatherall down the road from our flat at The Golden Lion—it just felt like an exciting time for us and I wanted to consume as much new music as possible.”

Pearl in the Palm”, from upcoming album “Vanities”, out September 3rd on Melodic Records.

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