RED RIBBON – ” Planet X “

Posted: June 13, 2021 in MUSIC
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Planet X” Emma Danner’s second LP as Red Ribbon and debut for Danger Collective Records, explores the joys, tragedies and perils that come with being alive and searching for meaning in an at once beautiful and crumbling world. With an aesthetically varied sound and a trove of multi-layered lyrics, the album continues to expand and transform with every listen.

Red Ribbon  which began in Seattle and is now based in Los Angeles. The project Seattle songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emma Danner. Having put her music online for almost a decade, Emma caught the ear of a wider audience with her debut album, “Whatever I Can Get”, back in 2018. Now three years on, and newly signed to Danger Collective Records.

Planet X” was almost by design an attempt to push Emma out of her comfort zone. The ambitious approach starting with her choice of producer, Randall Dunn, who is known primarily for his work in the doom-metal genre, although he has worked with everyone from Sunn O))) to Marissa Nadler.

Taking influence from the great and good of folk music and the great American songwriters, however for Emma that is just a starting place for her sonic exploration. “Planet X” is a record that goes searching for the joys and the tragedies that life has to offer, looking at a world facing the threat of a climate emergency and trying to find hopefulness peaking through the cracks. Even as the world quite literally burns there is room for a bit of optimism and Red Ribbon’s fabulous album offer a reason to feel very cheerful indeed.

Danner and her talented cadre of multi-instrumentalists (Shahzad Ismaily, Monika Khot, Abbey Blackwell, and Veronica Dye) pushed themselves to the outer reaches of their creative comfort zones, while discovering the deeper meaning of each song along the way. Through creating the album, the now Los Angeles-based songwriter was able to find purpose in the face of life’s frightening fragility, and craft her most beautiful and touching songs to date. Although pain and hardship are inseparable from the songs and the time spent making them, Danner here is able to offer an unbridled hopefulness through the stories she tells.

Released June 11th, 2021

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