DIZZY – ” Seperate Places ” EP

Posted: June 13, 2021 in MUSIC
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If their 2020 critically-acclaimed album “The Sun And Her Scorch” wasn’t enough, Oshawa-based indie outfit Dizzy have released a spine-chilling and stunning reconstructed version on their new “Separate Places” EP. Featuring five new collaborative renditions of some of the best tracks from the original LP, the JUNO-nominated quartet bring along Kevin Garrett, Overcoats, Luna Li, Flyte and Jahnah Camille to create a parallel universe of soul-touching music.

Ahead of its release last July, the quartet of Katie Munshaw and brothers Charlie, Alex and Mackenzie Spencer had begun a winter U.K. stint supporting Oh Wonder. The Sun and Her Scorch showed a young band that had come into their own and taken control of their sound. Dizzy’s 2018 debut, “Baby Teeth” was a dark Bildungsroman that revelled in lush electronic flourishes courtesy of producer Damian Taylor. The band produced this record themselves this time around, shedding the ambient soundscape for something more organic and authentic to who they’d grown into.

Separate Places is Dizzy’s way of breathing new life into some of the songs they’ve barely had the opportunity to play. The EP features five album cuts — including singles “The Magician,” “Sunflower” and “Beatrice” — reimagined with the help of different guests. Said collaborators come from separate places as near as Toronto’s Luna Li and as far as London based band Flyte. They range in stature from Kevin Garrett, who’s previously collaborated with Beyonce to relative-unknown Jahnah Camille, a 16-year-old rising singer-songwriter from Alabama. Each brings something from their own stylistic arsenal to assist in recasting Dizzy’s sonic vision.

So happy to share that our EP ‘Separate Places’ will be released on June 11th. it features 5 songs from The Sun and Her Scorch reimagined in collaboration with some of our fav artists. the first track ‘The Bird Behind The Drapes’ featuring Luna Li. She and Munshaw play call-and-response from different spectral planes over muted piano chords and muffled conversations, culminating in a cinematic crescendo of cascading strings.

It’s a similar feel on Flyte-featuring “Primrose Hill at Midnight,” with Will Taylor’s trademark vocal multitracking hauntingly repeating, “Anywhere you go / I’ll be there to dote” throughout its final third. The ballad gets some added edge from an insistent pulse of whirring low-end-frequencies and the London trio’s sweeping harmonic envelope.

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