CLAIRO – ” Blouse “

Posted: June 13, 2021 in MUSIC
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Fresh off the release of her new collaboration with Lorde, Clairo has returned with her own new single, “Blouse,” which also features Lorde on backing vocals. Alongside the release, Clairo has announced her sophomore album, “Sling”, which is out on July 16th via Republic Records. The follow-up to 2019’s Immunity was recorded with Jack Antonoff. “Blouse” is a stunning ballad that sees Clairo playing off of Lorde’s background vocals, with a simple guitar line that allows the lyrics to truly shine, with lines like, “Why do I tell you how I feel/ When you’re just looking down my blouse/ It’s something I wouldn’t say out loud/ If touch could make them hear, then touch me now.”

Not only does Clairo (and Phoebe Bridgers) sing on the just-released, Jack Antonoff-produced Lorde song “Solar Power” she also just announced her own album Sling and the lead single “Blouse,” which features backing vocals by Lorde. It’s a gorgeous song that channels ’70s folk but sounds entirely modern. Listen below.

Associated with soft, intimate vocals, day-dreamy atmosphere, and rumination, Clairo is lo-fi singer/songwriter Claire Cottrill. Alternating keyboards and guitars as accompaniment, and often colouring her recordings with samples and sound effects, Clairo began uploading dozens of her styled, but low-key, melody-driven tunes to music-sharing sites as a young teen in 2013. Introduced by the delicate lead single “Blouse”, her second studio album Sling follows-up her 2019 debut Immunity.

Sling drops July 16th via Republic.

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