KEVIN DEVINE – ” No One’s Waiting Up For Me Tonight “

Posted: June 10, 2021 in MUSIC

Kevin Devine’s positive melancholia is on full force with this new set of 5 songs. Personally, I love the fact that the record has a bonus track only available through the physical release. Bandcamp has 4 of the 5 songs listenable so if you dig it, grab it.

Originally released as a three-song digital-only single, this 12″ is expanded to a total of five tracks on the A-side of the vinyl. The B-side features a silkscreen (check out the pictures).

Includes a digital download of the five-song EP delivered straight to your email inbox on June 24th. The release date for the EP is June 25 and vinyl should start shipping and arriving to homes around then.

Extended version of No One’s Waiting Up For Me Tonight, out June 25th on Bad Timing Records.

We made 600 units of this 12″ EP on Black/White A-side/B-side (Oreo) vinyl. Check out the track listing and pressing info below.

releases June 25, 2021

Kevin Devine – songs, vocals, guitars, keys
Chris Bracco – mixing, keys
Morgan Kibby – vocals, keys
Zack Levine – drums, percussion

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