DEERHOOF – ” Deerhoof Sandwich ” EP

Posted: June 5, 2021 in MUSIC

A 6 song special release featuring: Deerhoof, Nels Cline (of Wilco), Shutups, Dave Depper (of Death Cab for Cutie), and Shaylee

Part of: Kill Rock Stars 30th Anniversary covers series, Who have put out 8-11 Deerhoof albums, depending on what you count as albums. We love Deerhoof forever. And each of these artists do, too – this is a very special ‘for the love of Deerhoof’ sandwich and we’re so happy to share it.

Also this is the best sandwich I’ve ever had, so listen yr hearts out.  Deerhoof: “KRS has an enormous catalogue. How do you choose? Something about the Sleater-Kinney song though, we had to try it. We wanted to celebrate one of these magic moments when they sounded like they didn’t quite know what they were doing…when emotions were revelations, and dissonances collided in some mystery universe between intention and accident. We relate to that part of us that works just like a child. We wanted to take a question mark of a song and not answer it.”

“This is to celebrate 30 killer years of Kill Rock Stars and is a love letter to our friends Deerhoof for being eternally inspiring.” says Wilco’s Nels Cline:

Shutups: “This track rips. It’s somehow the loudest and quietest song, like stadium rock in a pillow fort. I love how comfortable it makes me feel despite its flurry of time signature changes. We also couldn’t pass on the opportunity to cover a fellow Bay Area band, especially one with such nostalgic weight as Deerhoof.”

On “The Tears and Music of Love”Shaylee’s second cover on Kill Rock Stars’ 30th anniversary compilation, Shaylee brings Kynwyn Sterling on board. With Kynwyn’s powerful, expressive drumming and sweet vocals providing a solid backdrop, Shaylee fills up the sonic spectrum with analogue synths, glockenspiel, and thick multi-tracked guitars to create a bristling and anthemic tribute to one of the most iconic bands ever signed to Kill Rock Stars.

Dave Depper:  Kill Rock Stars. An iconic name, linked inextricably with my formative music-discovery years as a teen and young twenty-something, greedily gobbling up new sounds, feelings, and ways of looking at the world. Unimaginable that I’d someday have the honour of releasing something on the label, and yet, dear reader, here we are. What a world.Deerhoof freaked me out when I first heard them and they still kind of do – lightning-in-a-bottle kind of music, simultaneously so random and chaotic yet deeply composed and expertly played. It really shouldn’t work but nearly always does. “Twin Killers” is merely one amazing song out of an embarrassment of them, and picked because it’s one of the handful that I could possibly hope to recreate without calling in favours from additional musicians who are far shreddier than I.”


1. Deerhoof “Don’t Talk Like” Sleater-Kinney cover
2. Nels Cline feat. Yuka & Ches “Jagged Fruit ” Deerhoof cover
3. Shutups “Milk Man” Deerhoof cover
4. Shaylee feat. Kynwyn Sterling “The Tears and Music of Love” Deerhoof cover
5. Dave Depper “Twin Killers” Deerhoof cover
6. Deerhoof “Hitch-hike” LiLiPUT cover

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