JIMMY PAGE and ROBERT PLANT – ” What Made Milwaukee Famous “

Posted: June 4, 2021 in MUSIC

Initial plans for a reunion of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were made in 1993, with discussions between the two of collaborating emerging from casual small talk and then an invitation to perform on MTV Unplugged. Music producer Bill Curbishley, who had been managing Plant since the 1980s and who assumed management of Page in 1994, was integral in the reuniting of the pair. Despite failed attempts by others to reunite Jimmy and Robert, Curbishley was able to persuade the previously reluctant Plant into working with Page again.

On 1st May 1995, Page and Plant performed at the Bradley Centre in Milwaukee for a show that was recorded for live FM Broadcast around the greater Wisconsin area, and which proved to be one of the finest on the tour. The gig itself contains many classics and some deep cuts and I’d love to know how Jimmy got Plant to agree to perform the Coverdale/Page track ‘Shake My Tree’.

Featuring a sterling selection of Led Zeppelin classics, the odd solo-cut and even a cover of The Cure’s ‘Lullaby’, the show was a roaring success which is available finally for fans to hear via this delightful double vinyl, available now for the first time.

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