JAZMINE MARY – ” The Licking Of A Tangerine “

Posted: May 29, 2021 in MUSIC
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What comes from afar is really not always better, but the beautiful album release “The Licking Of A Tangerine” by the New Zealand-based Jazmine Mary deserves to be cherished. The newsletter of the New Zealand Flying Out Records welcomed The Licking Of A Tangerine a few weeks ago with superlatives and that is not an exaggeration. The Licking Of A Tangerine is a special album musically, but vocally the originally Australian Jazmine Mary goes a step further.

The musician, who now operates from New Zealand, always opts for a slightly different angle and performs her songs not only in a quirky way, but also full of feeling and urgency. It’s an album that keeps getting you wrong, but it’s also mercilessly intruding. Every week I look forward to the newsletter of the New Zealand Flying Out Records, in which pearls from Australia and New Zealand regularly appear, which do not just reach our side of the world.

It started seven years ago with the debut of the then completely unknown Aldous Harding, but also the albums of Marlin’s Dreaming, Mel Parsons, Alae, Tiny Ruins, Jenny Mitchell and Reb Fountain I probably wouldn’t have discovered without Flying Out Records.

A few weeks ago, Jazmine Mary’s “The Licking Of A Tangerine” popped up this is also an album that deserves all the attention on this side of the world, but unfortunately does not get this attention for the time being.

Jazmine Mary is the alter ego of Jazmine Rose Phillips, who grew up in Gippsland, Australia, On her bandcamp page, the Musician based in New Zealand describes her music as a dreamfolk, but she also describes her music as “haunting” and that is certainly her album. The sound on her album consists basically of understated acoustic guitar lines, subtle drums and often some atmospheric synths or piano sounds, but the album is further coloured with saxophones and strings.

Especially when the saxophones claim a prominent role, her music sounds jazzy, but Jazmine Mary is also not averse to rock and folk. In her songs, she doesn’t choose the easiest way for a moment. The song structures are often complex on The Licking Of A Tangerine, while in many cases the instrumentation is striking and multicoloured, but also somewhat minimalistic. Visceral and haunting. Her surreal rose-tinted sounds will allow you to be transported somewhere bold and watery

Jazmine Mary fills the void in instrumentation with her voice, which sounds as unconventional here and there as the music. The vocals on The Licking Of A Tangerine are beautiful, but above all powerful and urgent. Here and there it reminds me vocally of a young PJ Harvey, but musically Jazmine Mary emphatically chooses her own path.
The sounds rich and beautiful, but sounds just as easily rough and elemental.
Especially when listening with the headphones, you can hear how beautifully the different instruments in the sound of Jazmine Mary merge and how the special vocals always take the album to the next level.
In Europe it remains quiet around this fascinating album for the time being, but The Licking Of A Tangerine by Jazmine Mary deserves the attention here too, if only because the album only becomes more beautiful and impressive when listened to repeatedly.

Drums – Courtney Rodgers
Keys and Baritone Saxophone – Peter Ruddell
Strings – Dave Kahn
Alto saxophone – Aaron Lovich
Music written and performed by Jazmine Rose Phillips

Released February 14th, 2021

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