DAMIEN JURADO – ” The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania “

Posted: May 29, 2021 in MUSIC

We shouldn’t use the term lockdown album too often, but Damien Jurado’s “The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania” is one and it’s a very nice

Damien Jurado came out of nowhere more than twenty years ago and then delivered one beautiful album after another. That’s what the American musician has continued to do, with his music going in all directions. After some great albums with producer Richard Swift, Damien Jurado has been reliant on himself in recent years, which now produces a pretty understated album, although a surprising turn is never far away. The understated sound here and there reminds me of the American musician’s early albums and I like that. The songs are strong, the instrumentation is vocal and the voice of Damien Jurado is very beautiful. Top album. Yet another one from the Seattle musician.

The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania is Damien Jurado’s first release on his own label, Maraqopa Records. The album contains ten intense stories of people determined not to be broken by dire circumstances. The self-produced album is sonically among Damien Jurado’s most exposed, homespun ambiance and inspired by the dry sound of records like Lou Reed’s The Bells and Paul McCartney’s Ram. Jurado creates his own Twilight Zone, “a middle ground between light and shadow”, a dimension of imagination, of half-remembered dreams and people reaching out to cross into that liminal space between heartbreak and wholeness. Jurado knows the territory well and knows the secret words to whisper at the right time. “All is not lost/Even if you’re without a direction.” “Just stick around till the light pushes into the darkness,” Damien promises – or admits – Press your eye to the speaker, tune your ear to the horizon.

Released May 14th, 2021

Written, performed and produced by Damien Jurado
Additional instruments: Josh Gordon

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