The JAMES CLARK INSTITUTE – ” Next Best Thing “

Posted: May 11, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC

James Clark is a doctor of pop. His prescription is simple: Three-minute blasts of medicinal music. Here’s one: The catchy power pop of  “Next Best Thing“, from his new 10-song album The Colour Of Happy. For the disc, James once again called upon the talents of producer/musician Moe Berg (The Pursuit Of Happiness), a man who knows his way around a hook. Moe also added guitar and vocals to the record.

James takes the power pop traditions of The Beatles, Jellyfish and Split Enz and combines them with the high IQ lyrics of Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson. The result makes him one of Canada’s greatest unsung songwriters”. – Producer Moe Berg “A wealth of song writing talent.” – Michael Williams, Cashbox Canada Magazine

When he wasn’t listening to his parents’ early rock ’n’ roll and country-western records, James, persuaded by his guitar playing brother, settled in behind the drum kit and discovered the songwriters that would influence him: Lennon & McCartneyRay Davies and Elvis Costello.

The second and latest advance single from the forthcoming album, The Colour Of Happy. Song written by James Clark.

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