NATHAN LAWR – ” Apocalypse Marshmallow “

Posted: May 11, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Nathan Lawr came up during the Toronto indie-rock heyday that spawned bands like Broken Social Scene and Feist, drumming for Royal City and Sea Snakes. In 2000, he started writing his own folk songs, releasing a series of solo albums. In 2010, he started Minotaurs and spent the next 10 years writing, recording, and performing with a psychedelic funk band. Now, almost a decade later, Lawr has come into his own, finding his voice as a pop singer and releasing his most powerful collection of songs to date. Nathan’s upcoming album “Apocalypse Marshmallow” is a meticulously crafted, dynamic powerhouse. The newest single is “Restless” a song about living in the modern dichotomy: We can have anything we want but we’re relentlessly unsatisfied.

Now, after spending almost a decade as a stay-at-home Dad, Lawr has come into his own, finding his voice as a pop singer and releasing his most powerful collection of songs to date.

Recorded over the course of 6 years in various studios in Guelph and Toronto, including Lawr’s own Guelph-based studio housed in the rectory of a former Jesuit Chapel, Apocalypse Marshmallow is a meticulously-crafted, dynamic powerhouse of an album. Veering from Steve Miller/Sloan-esque classic rock (on the title track), to 80’s glam pop (in Terminal Love), to half-time Dire Straits (in Shakey Hands), to triumphant country ballads (in Wandering Eyes). Echoes of Fleet Foxes, The War On Drugs, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen,

Apocalypse Marshmallow marks a real progression for Lawr. The song included here would not be out of place on a list of some of the best Canadian songs of the last 30 years.

Apocalypse Marshmallow is a celebration of the rough edges and chaos of friendship, family, being a part of a fabric. It’s messy and uncertain but it’s beautiful. “The process of becoming a parent was intense,” Lawr says. “No one ever tells you that you basically wake up a completely different person. Your old life is gone, like totally gone, and you need to mourn it. That can be a messy process. It’s an apocalypse, but it’s also cozy and soft and sweet, like a marshmallow.”

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