SKULLCRUSHER – ” Storm in Summer ” EP

Posted: May 6, 2021 in MUSIC
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When Helen Ballentine – who records as Skullcrusher – released her debut EP, a collection of four impressive and intriguing songs titled simply Skullcrusher EP, on Secretly Canadian back in June, it was immediately clear that it marked the arrival of something, and someone, very special. The four songs on Skullcrusher were transportive; dark, dreamy and almost hypnotically enthralling. Their release brought the soft spoken artist from upstate New York to somewhat unexpected international attention. And, for the many thousands who also fell quickly under its spell, today is cause for celebration as two more tracks are unveiled: new song “Farm” and a reimagining of Radioheads’ “Lift” –  both recorded and co-produced with her Skullcrusher collaborator Noah Weinman.

Tim Kreider once wrote, “If we want the rewards of being loved, we must submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known.” Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Helen Ballentine only just released her self-titled debut as Skullcrusher last year—one of 2020’s best Ep’s, if you ask us—but she’s already grappled with that give and take, struggling with Skullcrusher’s success. Now as then, Ballentine’s music lives up to her moniker by virtue of its devastating emotional honesty, which left her feeling exposed after realizing her debut’s intimate song writing was being parsed by total strangers. “How did I end up here with my old lines on your page? / Sometimes I wish I’d kept them safe / Far away from your gaze,” she sings on her Storm In Summer EP’s title track, later wondering, “If I step into this storm / Is it warm? / Will I find my place?” Ballentine’s song writing remains deeply personal, but her journey is universal, couched in beautiful music that will kill you softly.

The new song by Skullcrusher from the EP ‘Storm in Summer’, out April 9th on Secretly Canadian.

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