Posted: May 6, 2021 in MUSIC
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The Pleasure Leftists from Cleveland, Ohio; who really do deserve a special place in your record collection like the thousands of other releases unveiled a few weeks ago and which, once upon a time, we just thought of as being another album. As neither here, nor there. But somehow, this album has turned from cult to classic. And now we can’t get enough.

A collection of a couple of EP’s, released by the band in 2011 and 2013, themselves called Pleasure Leftists, but as an expanded and remastered piece of work, are titled here, The EP’s of the PL. Their first release since 2019’s “The Gate”.

Things are always hot and fast and sharp and jagged and moody and awkward and annoying and intelligent and angular and arty and that’s what post-punk should be like. And such is so because it was an attack in the aftermath, the first attempt, and therefore what we would call Post-Punk

This is a guitar, bass, drum, vocals band – and is even stronger when playing with those elements. More powerful because of its primitive style. Twists and itches and shakes like a savage dance on a stage shared between Girls At Our Best and Gang of 4 – psychotically lacerating all that leans in too deep as the tip of one’s nose is torn from the face and slits the skin to rags. The impenetrable guitars of Kevin Jaworski rupture and sputter and hypnotize the senses which are forced to look into its dizzying headlights. One moment melodic.

Kicking off what would be, if speaking about the separate Eps, the 2013 release, is For A Family. Harris’ vocal lines are a true thing of beauty. Reaching peaks and returning to earth within seconds, always at a distance but somehow up close. Mark TerVeen’s laughing drums and Steve Peffer’s volcanic bass sound.

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