PALACE – ” Lost in the Night ” EP

Posted: April 20, 2021 in MUSIC
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Palace   lost in the night

Remastered version of the debut Palace EP. The blues is one of the most distinctive, instantly recognisable forms of music around. Yet this can often make it difficult to musicians to truly impact their own personality, their own beliefs over its legacy. Slowing down the tempo to a codeine funk, London newcomers and latest buzz band Palace have their own defiant take on the blues. Stumbling as if caught in syrup, the group have a spectral, sparse sound. It’s darkly beautiful, with twilight seeming to break through every note.

‘Lost In The Night’ Is Palace’s debut EP originally released In 2014. Now on Lewis Recordings The vinyl has been remastered and the CD comes as a gatefold. Whilst not a blues band in the traditional sense their blend of blues space rock is undeniably british with bluesy and soulful vintage overtones. Leo’s sublime voice perfectly complements the dreamy ambient electric guitars creating a timeless sound, drawing comparisons to early Kings Of Leon, Foals and past greats like Buffalo Springfield.

Now Signed To Fiction Records The band released two albums both critically and commercially acclaimed. Bassist William Dorey left Palace after their first album and now records under the name Skinshape. “It’s darkly beautiful, With Twilight Seeming To Break Through Every Note.”.

“It’s A Romance-Bloomed Introduction Of The Highest Order.” DIY. “Londoners Palace Riff On Local Natives And Grizzly Bear’s Spacious, Swooning Sound.

The blues structure is in there – from the deft triples on the drums to the slide guitar solo – but the group utilise this to craft something new, something strange and unerring. Think a mix of Buffalo Springfield and Come.

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