OVERCOATS – ” The Hardest Part “

Posted: April 7, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Brooklyn alternative-pop duo Overcoats have announced a new EP, featuring a new single with fellow pop innovators Tennis. “Used To Be Scared Of The Dark” features contributions from Middle Kids, Lawrence Rothman, and Ryan Hahn of Local Natives. The EP is based on self-growth and the quest for stability, and all of the collaboration was done remotely to show how trust transcends physicality.

“The Hardest Part” is a summery folk-pop jam aided by Alaina of Tennis’ buttery-smooth vocals and sparkly keyboards to create immersive harmonies that are easy to get lost in. Reflecting on the making of the song, the Overcoats said:

This song is about coming to terms with a relationship being over. And the hard reality that you may never know where that person ends up or what they do. It’s about letting go. We brought this song to Tennis because it needed their nostalgic retro pop sound to help tell this story. And it needed to be cooler.

“Used To Be Scared Of The Dark” is out June 4th via Loma Vista.

The band will be launching Overcoats – Spotlight Sessions, a series of conversations about each song with their collaborators. You can catch the first episode featuring Tennis on April 14 via Spotify.

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