GLITTERER – ” Life Is Not A Lesson “

Posted: April 2, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Title Fight remain on hiatus, but luckily co-frontman Ned Russin has stayed prolific with his solo project Glitterer, and his new album “Life Is Not A Lesson” (recorded with his TF bandmate/brother Ben Russin on drums) is his most Title Fight-like Glitterer album yet. In fact, some of the energetic punk songs on this record sound even more like classic Title Fight than most of the band’s shoegazy swan song Hyperview. That’s not to say Ned is looking backwards or anything, not at all. These songs share some traits with Title Fight’s fan faves, but it’s clear that he continues to progress as a songwriter, and so far he hasn’t repeated himself. And it’s easy to focus on the TF-style songs because it’s been a while since Ned’s put out that kinda thing, but this is still a Glitterer record, with a handful of cool synthy indie pop songs too.

It’s a good mix of the last couple Title Fight records and the usual Glitterer sound, and it’s pretty unique stuff. Ned’s songwriting style is increasingly unmistakable, and I can’t think of too many other songwriters that fuse together the variety of sounds that Ned does. (If you want a deeper look into what those sounds are, Ned spoke to us about some of the album’s musical and literary influences.)


Released February 26th, 2021

Glitterer is Ned Russin

Ben Russin– the drums
Sarah King– vocals on “How A Song Should Go”
Arthur Rizk– maracas on “I Made The Call”


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