SUNFLOWER THIEVES – ” Don’t Mind The Weather “

Posted: March 7, 2021 in MUSIC
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After 16 years of friendship, Leeds-based pop-folk band Sunflower Thieves are a strong soulful sisterhood nurturing a unique sound, through ethereal vocal harmonies and honest lyrics to sooth the mind. Each track is hugely personal to the songwriters, hence the intimate atmosphere and sincere performance you experience in watching them.

‘Don’t Mind The Weather’ translates as “don’t worry, this is where you’re grounded and safe”. It’s easy to get swept away in everything that’s going on, but there’s beauty in that and you overcome it together anyway. Sunflower Thieves are Lily Sturt-Bolshaw and Amy Illingworth wrote Don’t Mind The Weather as a simple acoustic composition. But Lily’s production to the video clip adds texture, weight and light.  

She says: “The song’s message is that no matter how the seasons and weather may change, the gravitational pull of the moon – the person you feel safe with – will keep you safe. We based it on the moon’s relationship with the tides. It’s easy to get swept away in everything that’s going on, but the relationship with this person overcomes it all.”

Check out this live version “Don’t Mind The Weather” performed live at Evoke Studios, Leeds.

we wanted to do a nice big video shoot for this song with our friends, but for obvious reasons, that hasn’t been possible. instead, we decided to show you a little of where we’ve been hibernating this year – walking in the beautiful countryside back home has been good for the soul in this storm of a year

Written by Amy Illingworth, Lily Sturt-Bolshaw and Rachel Clark.

‘Don’t Mind The Weather’ will be released 26/02/21.  


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