PALBERTA – ” Something in the Way “

Posted: March 1, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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We are excited to announce that Palberta’s single, “Something in the Way,” is out now. Since the release of the acclaimed Roach Goin’ Down, Ani, Lily, and Nina have been busy touring the U.S., releasing a live benefit album and opening for Bikini Kill at Brooklyn Steel. All the while, they have been writing and perfecting new songs, a few of which entered the band’s sets before the global pandemic shut live music down and postponed their first U.K./Europe tour, originally scheduled for April.

“Something in the Way” marks the first Palberta release tracked in a professional studio environment. They found a great recording partnership with Matt Labozza (Palm, Shimmer) and took easily to putting down their new material in a studio setting while still experimenting with song-structure, as they do on the outro of “Something in the Way,” a repeating motif from John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme.”

The recording of “Something in the Way” achieves a clarity not heard on past Palberta releases. From the harmony vocals to the guitars that chime and caterwaul, Palberta’s singular sound is brought into focus in Matt Labozza’s recording. New York art-punk trio Palberta has been forging ahead over the last several years, dropping impressive album after impressive album. “Palberta5000” might be the most intriguing of all the band’s releases to date, with Steven Hyden praising the band for finding “the middle ground between minimalist, deconstructionist indie and the danceable grooves and relentless rhythms of funk and R&B”


“Something in the Way” started as many Palberta songs do, with one person playing a drum, guitar, or bass riff and then the other two building off of that initial feeling. As usual, we frantically but carefully guided each other to the end of the song. When we got there, we found ourselves fading into a tricked-out looped fragment of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme.” Coltrane’s melody has a direct connection for us to our beautiful friend Pablo Ramirez, who passed in 2019. His view on life—”LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL LIFE IS IN COLOR LIFE IS A W A Y”—impacted us all in such a positive way, and his beauty and genuine LOVE of life lives on through the thousands of people that he blessed through meeting. We dedicate this song to Psplifff and his mother, the amazing Mammasplifff, and all the beautiful people on the right side of history showing up right now. We love you! – Palberta

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