Posted: February 25, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Francis of Delirium is the combination of 19-year-old Jana Bahrich and Chris Hewett, who hail from Vancouver, CA and Seattle respectively, but now are based in Luxembourg where they currently reside and make music. They’re preparing the release of their new EP “Wading” via Dalliance Recordings and have recently let go of it’s passionate lead single “Let It All Go.”

Part pummeling garage rock and art-rock anthem with some Art Brut-esque delivery, it blossoms into something else with the vocals converging into an acapella-like moment before diving into a 90s garage rock finish. You can feel the emotion pouring out of Bahrich at every moment in a convincing raw fashion.

Throughout 2020 Luxembourg-based, Canadian-American two-piece Francis of Delirium gave us plenty of musical reasons to get excited about them and their powerful Equality Song also made it into our list of the favourite tracks of the year. Despite her young age charismatic songwriter Jana Bahrich writes very mindful and musically profound tracks that shouldn’t shy away from some true classics of indie rock history. There’s this special lo-fi vibe that makes these songs as timeless as they are fresh. A first EP was released last year, a follow-up called “Wading” is set for a release on February 12th. We also asked Bahrich about her personal thoughts and hopes for the upcoming year and here’s what she had to say:

“You can expect my favourite music we’ve made to be out in the world next year, my favourite video I’ve made so far to be out and for us to be doing everything we can to be putting on our best shows yet. My hope is for the world to get to a point where it is safe enough for artists to play to a packed audience/for us to play to a packed audience so that I would be able to stage dive and not fall straight to the ground, that would be pretty cool. That’s my lofty goal for next year, a stage dive.”

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