HALF WAIF – ” Party’s Over “

Posted: February 24, 2021 in MUSIC
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Hi friends! Today you can hear the B side of my new 7″, a song called “Party’s Over.” I’m so excited to share it with you!

New song and video out today, along with the limited edition 7” that includes “Orange Blossoms” as the A side! This is a song for remembering how good it feels to keep moving, letting the source of your discontent slide into the background till it blinks out like a distant star. A song for not just carving out your own path, but dancing down it. For accepting yourself for who you are. For casting aside the imagined ideals that scream at you like a neon sign: Never Enough. It’s a song for when you’re standing on the outside and you know you’re not alone. Out in this wide world, it’s a party where everyone is invited.

I wanted to write a song that would set my body into motion, propelling me away from the source of a dark feeling – the feeling of not belonging. How many times have I stood on the outside, wanting to be inside? This song is a reminder in those moments to keep moving, to feel your strength build with the distance gained, to not only carve out your own path but to dance down it. There is so much joy in releasing ourselves from what we think of as the center and discovering that the real depth of experience exists at the margins: a space that embraces our full complexity. That’s where the real party is happening.

This song is another product of my collaboration with Zubin Hensler, and the video was made with my partner-in-crime Kenna Hynes.

“Party’s Over” by Half Waif on Anti -Records

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