FRANCIS of DELIRIUM – ” Let It All Go “

Posted: February 15, 2021 in MUSIC
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Francis Of Delirium are a duo out of Luxembourg matching Jana Bahrich, a 19-year-old Vancouver native, with the significantly older drummer and producer Chris Hewett, who hails from Seattle. They’re dropping their new EP “Wading” in April on Dalliance Recordings, which has released music from the likes of Gia Margaret and Common Holly. It’s preceded today by “Let It All Go,” a talky and anthemic multi-segmented track that climaxes with Bahrich repeatedly yelling, “Aren’t you tired of being alone?!”

As if forming a band alone these days isn’t already complicated enough the current pandemic emergency status is another challenging issue. we ask newcomers from Bands to watch in 2021’-list about their struggles right now, how they adapt to the new situation and what they are hoping for in the future.  I’ve been trying to read a lot more to keep me inspired. Going on hikes also helps. I also got my driver’s licence recently. Making art and looking at other people’s art is also very helpful. Making our music videos is something that also excites me. Just creating art outside of music and then stepping back into music really helps.

We connected our favourite new guitar band leading ladies – Luxembourg’s Jana Bahrich from grungy two-piece Francis of Delirium. 

Homemade rock from our hearts to yours. Recorded at Sonic Temple Studios. We just released a new song “Lakes”

With an accompanying claymation-filled music video. “Let It All Go” unfurls with an energy on the brink of self-detonation. It’s a steamy, cathartic breakup song drawing on classic indie rock and emo, marked by Bahrich’s exasperated spoken vocals and climaxing with violently euphoric yelps of “Aren’t you tired of being alone?” Instead of shying away from the ugliness of relationships, it displays it shamelessly, while also lending self-forgiveness. Bahrich says the new single “feels like this vertigo, justifying and grappling and releasing.

“Let It All Go” claymation video.

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