X – ” Strange Life ” feat Robby Krieger

Posted: February 10, 2021 in MUSIC
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X Punk Band

Last year the Los Angeles punk legends that are X returned with their first album in 27 years – and the first with the original line-up in 35 years!

“Alphabetland” was released via Fat Possum Records and is, we must admit, a brilliant ‘come-back’ album. Today, they followed it up with two unreleased songs “True Love, Pt. 3″ and “Strange Life”, both of which where recorded during Alphabetland‘s studio sessions.

True Love is a reimagining of the funk-inspired track from 1983’s Under The Big Black Sun, and Strange Life is simply a brilliant punk ‘blinder’ that features guitar from Doors legend Robbie Krieger. A different version of Strange Life made it onto Alphabetland, but this newly released rendition happened after Robbie Krieger dropped by the studio and X rather cheekily asked him to play on the song.


Krieger adds a brief outro to the song but it didn’t make it onto the album version. X’s singer Exene Cervenka said him popping in to see the band was “fitting and wondrous!” Fitting because The Doors keyboard player the late, great Ray Manzarek produced their first four albums, Los Angeles, Wild Gift, Under the Big Black Sun and More Fun in the New World. All classic album’s. 

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