SNACKING – ” Painted Gold ” EP

Posted: February 8, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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An indie-rock quintet out of St. Petersburg, Fla., Snacking will release their new EP “Painted Gold” on February. 8th via Chillwavve Records. Lead single “Blacked Out on a Train” is a song of transition, taking liminal space—like the titular train car moving from a dark past to an uncertain future (“We’re leaving town alive / Without saying goodbye”), or the stylistic space between Minus the Bear-style math rock and emo revival—as its setting. Snacking show off effortlessly melodic guitars, forceful low end and emotionally complex lyricism, building “Blacked Out on a Train” up into an invigorating instrumental firestorm. “We chose ‘Blacked Out On A Train’ as the single because it’s a step in a different direction for us,” the band said upon the song’s premiere. “It’s more dissonant and hectic than anything we’ve written previously. We thought it would do a good job of attracting new listeners and hopefully surprise those who are already familiar with our prior material.”

Track List: 01. Blacked Out On A Train (0:00) 02. Crossword (2:59) 03. Edward (6:21) 04. Painted Gold (10:10)

Chillwavve Records Released on: February 8th 2021

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